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Specializing in offering website solutions for HOAs of all kinds & condo developments. 

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  • MOBILE FRIENDLY - When we build websites for our communities we make sure they work perfectly on every device size. You can access your HOA website from anywhere on any device without worrying whether or not someone can read the important info. 
  • EASY AND SIMPLE - We don't make thinks more complicated then they need to be. We just make very simple, easy to use, user friendly HOA/property management sites that has just the information your resident property owners need. 
  • UNIQUE STYLES - Choose from the large selection of the latest web design elements such as; gallery with lightbox, parallax scrolling, video backgrounds, and other cool YET useful elements. 
  • THE FEATURES YOU WANT - If you need your site to have special features we can customize it to whatever you want, OR we also have many pre-made designs to keep the price down. 

Homeowner Friendly

We create sites that are user friendly & easy to read for home owners & future home owners alike.

Devise Size Optimized

All sites we make for your HOA are mobile-friendly for desktop PCs, tablets & phones.


HOA websites do not need to be complicated and therefore they are very affordable.


We encrypt the site with SSL certificate & other security measures to ensure you don't get hacked.


The time frame is at least 30 days assuming you get us the things we need to complete it in a timely manner. Such as the documents you want to integrate, images, photos, contact information, etc.    

If you want specific images, special graphics or a video made there may be additional costs for those. If you provide those things for us, there is no costs to include them in the site. All media you provide will have to be signed off on as your responsibility that you have permission to use it. 

Each community will have to have a "point" man/woman who is the administrator/manager. Someone our developers talk to about design, edits, changes, billing, etc. 

* South Carolina Communities ONLY - If your community is located in the United States in the state of SC, we will give the HOA a 50% discount on everything for a real estate agent sponsorship. Contact Us--> for more details. 

* Free Domain Name URL - If you want a specific domain name you can purchase one, or we can do it for it and you just have to reimburse us. OR we will provide one free of charge if it is a subdomain of ours like: ElkSquare.hoamanagementsites.com

HOA Property Management Websites

Cool Features

Things you can have in your community's HOA website

Integrated Calendar

We can integrate and include a viewable live calendar for the community manager(s)/adminstrator to easily add & edit important dates the residents & owners need to know about. SEE EXAMPLE -->

Important Community Docs

We include your community's most important documents for viewing and download. Documents like: master deed, community rules & regs, CCRs, floor plans, plats, move-in forms, etc. 

Online Payments

We can also integrate different payment solutions for your owners to make their HOA and or regime payments online. With various billing solutions on the web like: Amazon Pay, Venmo, or Paypal (assuming you have those set up)

Social Media Pages

If your community has their own social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram or whatever, we can integrate the page widget onto the site to be live. 

Homes For Sale

If you'd like we can add a section that shows what homes are currently for sale in the neighborhood. See Example -->

Map Locator

All sites come with a live Google map locator so users can easily locate the neighborhood or office you wish to indicate. 


We will include a slider carousel of whatever photos, media you wish to have on the site of the community, amenities, residents, floor plans, etc. 

Floor Plans

If your community is a large single family attached home community such as a condo or townhouse for instance you may want to show the floor plans. See Example --> 


$ 30 per month
  • If you elect to have a simple premade design the managed hosting price.
  • (No Login Portal)

Build Out

$ 500
  • Initial buildout and set up fee for the standard design templates.
  • One Time Fee


$ 50 per month
  • This design set up includes an encrypted login portal for users with passwords for sensative data access.
  • With Login Portal


$ 750
  • Set up fee and one time initial buid out cost for sites with the secure login portal.
  • With Login Portal


Easily add subscribe and contact forms without any server-side integration.